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6 ton of Double Drums Water Tube Coal Fired Steam Boiler Delivery for an Soap Manufacturing Enterpri


This is the first cooperation of Sitong boiler and a local enterprise who is specializing in soap manufacturing and processing in Pakistan. The company knew about Sitong boiler through online information and finally chose Sitong boiler as its boiler supplier after many considerations and comparisons.Soap is made after many processes like refining, saponification, salting out, washing and others. In these processes, the saponification process requires steam and mixing the soap, and the washing process requires water and steam to boil the soap particles, so as to wash out the residual glycerol, pigments and impurities. Therefore, according to the current production situation, the company ordered a 6-ton SZL series coal fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler for the production line.


The capacity of Sitong boiler’s 6-ton SZL series coal fired steam boiler is 4-35t/h and the working pressure range is 0.7~3.8Mpa. There is a wide range of fuels to chose for this SZL series steam boiler, like bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite and other fuels. Our customers can choose suitable fuels for their steam boiler according to their actual needs.This series of boilers are assembled and delivered from the factory, consisting of upper and lower parts. The upper part is the heating surface of the body and the lower part is the combustion equipment, which greatly reduces the technical requirements for boiler installation and the installation cycle is relatively short. In addition, according to different boiler tonnage, the grate is equipped with different numbers of independent air silos from front to back. Users can distribute air reasonably according to different combustion conditions to ensure sufficient combustion of fuel, and the boiler thermal efficiency can reach more than 82%.


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