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8 ton Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Used for Wood Industry Company in Bangladesh


Steam boiler is an important equipment in wood processing industry. Heat treatment of wood by steam method makes wood have good stability, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and other advantages. A wood industry company established in 2017 in Bangladesh , is a specialized company focusing on the raw materials and processing industry, mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of wood and wood products. At the beginning of its establishment, the company has been adhering yo the concept of green production, and biomass boilers have become the company’s first choice. At the same time, during the processing of war materials, the company will produce a lot of sawdust,which can be used as the fuel of biomass boiler, not only saving the energy, realizing the environmental protection,but also improving the economic benefits of the enterprise.


After getting the actual demand of the wood factory, the sales manager of Sitong boiler recommended the 8-ton SZL series biomass steam boiler for the company. This biomass boiler has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. When it comes to the characteristics of low calorific value and high humidity of wood as fuel, Sitong boiler reasonably designed and optimized the feed hopper, grate width, length, etc., supplies air by stages, and perturbs the furnace flue gas through secondary air inlet, so as to ensure the full combustion of fuel and make the thermal efficiency above 88%. Meanwhile, the biomass boiler is equipped with an automatic operation and control system to control the fuel supply, ash and slag discharge. The high degree of automatic operation ensures that the biomass boiler is free from accidents, easy to operate and requires less operation and maintenance personnel.



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