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2 Sets of 6-ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler for Food Industry in the Gre


The boiler is an essential power equipment in the production process of the food industry. The hot water and steam produced by the boiler are widely used in the distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, maturation and other processes in the food processing process. A food co., Ltd. of the Greece is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production and processing of raw materials, canned food, zongzi and other products. It is also the largest zongzi manufacturer of this world. Its products sell well in Europe, America, the Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions. In order to further expand the production scale, the food factory focuses on seeking new steam boiler equipment suppliers. After careful investigation and comparison, Sitong boiler finally won the trust of the other side with its excellent comprehensive strength, and the cooperation between the two sides has been started since then.


The food company ordered 2 sets of 6-ton WNS6-1.25-Y-Q oil gas fired steam boilers from Sitong boiler this time. This steam boiler is a classic product of our company. In view of the high requirements of the food industry for steam quality, Sitong boiler has also comprehensively optimized and upgraded its products on the original basis. In addition to retaining the design of large volume combustion chamber to make fuel combustion more fully, the best quality of steam is ensured by controlling boiler water level, pressure and boiler load. At the same time, the WNS type steam boiler adopts advanced corrugated furnace liner structure, which not only increases the heat transfer area, but also meets the free expansion of the furnace liner after heating, fully meeting the production needs of customers after production. With rich project experience, Sitong boiler successfully completed the design, production, commissioning and inspection of the steam boiler. At present, the 2 sets of 6-ton WNS oil gas fired steam boilers have been delivered yesterday from our factory. They will be delivered to the customer soon if everything goes well. We look forward to the customer's feedback on the products after receiving the goods.


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