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8ton Palm Shell Biomass Steam Boiler Used in the Pet Food Factory of Thailand


The 8t DZL-1.25-T palm shell biomass steam boiler used in the pet food factory of Thailand is a longitudinal water tube shell boiler, and the combustion equipment is a chain grate. The water circulation of hot water boiler is natural circulation plus concealed. The boiler has 2 combustion chambers in total; The water-cooled walls on both sides of the furnace are combustion chambers for radiant heating coal, and the two wings of the furnace are secondary combustion chambers for convective heating gas and volatile matter. Threaded smoke pipes are arranged in the drum for convective heating surfaces. The front and rear arches are made of heat-resistant concrete by a new process of integral pouring and tamping, and the outer side of the boiler host is a three-dimensional protective plate shell.


Technical advantages of 8t DZL-1.25-T palm shell biomass steam boiler for pet food factory:

1.High strength large grate pieces are adopted, which are suitable for the transportation and combustion of biomass fuel. For waking up the grate, the roller device is used to improve the safety of the grate and facilitate combustion adjustment.

2.The tail flue is equipped with a dust collector to ensure that the smoke emission meets the environmental protection requirements.

3.The control and detection instruments are complete, and the boiler operation is safe and reliable.

4.Up to the furnace, it is easy to fully burn biomass fuel. According to the combustion characteristics of biomass fuel, the furnace arch is designed reasonably to improve the combustion progress of fuel and eliminate black smoke.

5.Using palm shell as fuel has low fuel cost.


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