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8 ton Biomass Fired Steam Boiler Used for a Coconut Products Factory in the Philippines


The enterprise cooperating with Sitong boiler is a coconut products factory in the Philippines, mainly producing coconut milk and other coconut products. In the process of coconut milk processing and production, as the supporting equipment of the production line, the boiler provides high-temperature steam for many process links such as distillation and sterilization. The quality of steam will also have a certain impact on the taste of coconut milk. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the comprehensive quality of the boiler when purchasing steam boiler equipment. After investigating many boiler enterprises in the market, the company decided to cooperate with our Sitong boiler to provide it with a biomass fired steam boiler (SZL8-1.6-T) with an output of 8 tons, as well as a series of auxiliary equipment accessories and subsequent transportation and installation.

The food processing enterprise decided to take advantage of its own fuel advantages, use coconut shell as boiler fuel, use clean energy as fuel and reasonable speed to make the fuel full of fuel, provide high-quality steam and zero carbon dioxide emission. After investigating and comparing several boiler plants, the company finally chose Sitong boiler as its biomass boiler supplier. The biomass boiler produced by Sitong boiler has a unique design structure and production process, which takes the lead in solving the common problems of traditional biomass boilers, such as furnace arch collapse, furnace door burn out, hopper fire and stopper coking. At the same time, its characteristics of safety, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection are also very significant, and has established a good reputation in the market.

After knowing the actual demand, the sales manager of Sitong boiler recommended SZL series biomass steam boiler for him. This biomass boiler not only has the above advantages, but also is designed as an assembled boiler with compact structure, convenient on-site installation, short cycle and low cost, which meets the urgent needs of the enterprise's production line.


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