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  To supply the hotel with hot water, the UK customer purchaded one set of hot water boiler with high efficiency and energy saving. Chain grate boiler is widely used in industry heat supplying, electricity, public heat supplying. The boiler ensures the hotel smooth operation.

Technique Features

  1)the boiler barrel is consisted of arched tube plate and spirally corrugated tube, it makes the boiler barrel Quasi steel body into quasi-elastic body structure, it cancel brace part of the tube plate, reduce the stress. Tube plate’s smoke tube change from double return into single return. It solves problem of the tube plate crack.

  2)As the bottom of the boiler barrel layout with bank of tubes, avoid the dead water region in the bottom of the boiler barrel, then sludge is hard to deposit, the boiler barrel can have better cooling, prevent the bulge of it.

  3)The boiler takes the high efficiency heat transfer spirally corrugated tube, achieve the enhanced heat transfer effect, reach the advantsge of fast rise in temperature, pressure boosting and thermal efficiency improving.

  4)Compact structure, compared with same type boiler, the boiler has small size and save the boiler investment of capital construction.p

  5)Stable operation, convenient adjustment, supply strong power.

  6)It takes the heater to return water injection device, improve the water speed of the riser and avoid subcooled boiling, when power cut off, it can natural circulation, to avoid water wall tube cartridge igniter, so it do not need the power cut protective measures.

  7)It takes the screw thread smoke tube to enhance heat transfer, improve the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency, due to disturbance of smoke in the tube. The smoke pipe is not easy to accumulate dust, it can clean by itself.

  Eight character wall in the furnace, smoke window outlet all have effect of dust fall. That make the boiler’s original dust exhausting concentration below standard, to ensure the smoke dust to reach the ruled norm of the environmental protection.


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