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Sanya Hotel:oil and gas fired boiler saving much money



Application: water disinfection, bath, sanitary water



WNS oil and gas steam boiler and WNS oil and hot water boiler

Oil burner model:TBL 130P

Gas burner model:TBG 120P

Boiler feed pump model: 1.1/2GC5x7

Electric control model: STDK-1.5


The hotel is located in the south of China-Sanya surrounded by mountain and water, has particular environment.

The over all size is 500 000 square meters. It is super luxury world-class hotel including commerce, exhibition, entertainment, leisure, culture, gaming. It is one of the large projects in Hainan province.The total investment is more than 6 billion RMB.


Five sets of oil and gas steam boiler and hot water boiler supply heat for disinfection and bath. Since Sanya is the state's key tourist city, they are strict with the environmental protection. According to the local conditions, we customized the condensing boiler with low-high efficiency and low consumption. The heat exchanger with steel aluminium composite finned tube has highly efficient. The resistance of flue gas side system is small. The products can reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 95 ℃. Thermal efficiency is extrally high,up to 98%. While the emissions of NOX, COX,SOX harmful substances is reduced in large scale. It is an optimal solution for efficient and environmental boilers.

After orderly installation and debugging, the boilers work well. The hotel official said Sitong boilers have high quality, and complete a variety of monitoring devices.Boilers run intelligently. During the installation, our technicians answered questions in detail. Put into use after the steam boiler stable, strong output, to protect laundry, kitchen disinfection; hot water boiler mainly offers daily bath and other sanitary water condensing secondary heat recovery device not only reduces emissions have given substance to protect the environment, but also for us substantial savings in fuel costs. The steam boiler runs stablly, guarantee the disinfection of laundry room and kitchen. The hot water boiler supply water for sanitary water. heat recovery condensing device not only reduces emissions and protect the environment but also saves fuel costs.


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