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3 ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler Used for Metal Smelting Industry in Saudi Arabia


A New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in Saudi Arabia was established in 2008 and is one of the largest enterprises in the refractory metal industry in the country. The company has the world's top advanced production equipment, and has built a number of internationally advanced fully automated production lines. In the early years, in order to vigorously implement clean energy and improve environmental standards, the customer dismantled the original two 6-ton coal fired steam boilers and one coal fired thermal oil heater, and invested in rebuilding them into gas fired boilers (coal to gas project). However, some quality problems have occurred with the original gas fired boiler, the maintenance and after-sales service are not effectively guaranteed. Therefore, the customer finally decided to choose a new boiler brand. After investigation and research, the customer learned that Sitong boiler has cooperated with many domestic and foreign nonferrous metal enterprises and has rich project experience in this field, so they chose to cooperate with Sitong boiler for this project.
Through statistical analysis of past customer cases, Sitong boiler found that , due to high energy consumption, high fuel costs, and a growing awareness of environmental protection, oil and gas fired steam boiler has gradually become the preferred boiler for customers in the nonferrous metal industry. Different nonferrous metals have different smelting and calendering processes. Taking battery grade lithium carbonate and other nonferrous metals as an example, the main processes include roasting, separation, evaporation and concentration, lithium precipitation, refining, drying, and crushing. These processes require a large amount of steam support. Sitong boiler finally provided a 3-ton WNS series oil fired steam boiler to customers based on their actual needs. At the same time, Sitong boiler promises to actively provide customers with follow-up installation guidance services and after-sales services, so that customers do not have any worries behind them. Currently, the boiler has been loaded and shipped. The picture shows the delivery site:
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