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2 Sets of 10t Biomass Fired and Gas Fired Steam Boilers for Coconut Oil Industry in the Philippines


Edible oil processing requires high quality standards to ensure its suitability for use. In the process of degreasing, refining, and deodorization of edible oil, it is necessary to heat the oil temperature to 240~265 ℃ under vacuum conditions to remove the volatile components in edible oil. The medium equipment for heating grease mainly includes heat transfer oil furnaces and high-pressure steam boilers. This customer purchased10 ton SZL series biomass fired steam boiler and WNS series gas fired steam boiler for parallel use from Sitong boiler. It can flexibly adjust the load to achieve the goal of efficient utilization of steam while ensuring the production demand of coconut oil processing. The customer is a local coconut oil manufacturer in the Philippines, specializing in the production, processing, and sales of coconut oil. Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the flesh of mature coconut. In the tropics, it is the main source of fat that people consume from their diet. Coconut oil has multiple uses in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and industry. As it is very stable to heat, which makes it also very suitable for high-temperature cooking, such as the use of fried cooking food.
In the production process of coconut oil, steam is required in multiple processes. The first step is to dry the wetter materials. The second step is to soften and warm the dried material. The third step is to heat the material during leaching. The fourth step is to separate the residual solution of the meal and the solvent for separating the oil. For example, it is necessary to remove the coconut flesh from the shell, heat and dry it to make coconut kernels, and then obtain coconut oil by mechanically pressing the dried coconut flesh or using solvent immersion extraction. The heating and drying process requires a large amount of steam provided by the boiler to complete. Sitong boiler's SZL series biomass fired steam boiler and WNS series gas fired steam boiler are two highly automated boilers that are easy to operate. The SZL series biomass fired steam boiler can directly use coconut shell as boiler fuel, which not only reduces the production cost of enterprises, but also is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a boiler combustion efficiency of over 88%. While the WNS series gas fired steam boiler uses flue gas for condensation recovery, with a combustion efficiency of over 98%, which can reduce fuel consumption by over 4%. The boiler adopts efficient and low resistance finned tubes for heat exchange, with sufficient heat exchange surfaces, low flue gas side resistance, and faster heat exchange speed. The boiler is insulated with high-quality centrifugal glass wool to reduce heat loss and achieve excellent insulation effect. The picture shows the installation site of the boiler:

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