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2 ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler Used For an Edible Oil Factory Production in Sudan


In the process of cooking oil production, steam boiler mainly provides heat source for its drying, refining, decolorization and deodorization. The specific process of edible oil processing is generally raw material transportation, screening, shelling, crushing, softening, embryo pressing, steaming, pressing or organic solvent extraction. Many processes need direct steam and indirect heat sources when processing edible oil, like drying of wet materials, softening and heating of dry materials, separating residual solution of meal , solvent for separating oil, refining, heating and other processes.A company in Sudan mainly produces corn germ, rapeseed, peanut, soybean and other high-grade edible oil. In recent years, the company attaches great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of circular economy.

The company has an coal fired boiler with a capacity of 2 tons, which has been used for more than ten years. In order to actively respond to local environmental protection policies, the company intends to eliminate the coal fired boiler with serious pollution and replace it with new environment-friendly oil fired boiler equipment. After comparison and investigation to several companies, they finally introduced a 2 ton WNS series oil fired steam boiler from Sitong boiler. WNS series oil fired steam boiler under Sitong boiler has a wide range of fuel adaptability, which can adapt to light oil, heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, biogas, coke oven gas and other fuels. The boiler adopts advanced corrugated furnace liner, with sufficient fuel combustion. With the design of energy-saving equipment such as flue tail condenser and economizer, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%. The boiler can easily achieve 30mg/Nm by using the advanced FGR low-nitrogen combustion technology and the low-nitrogen combustion engine ³. The nitrogen oxide emission standard of the company fully meets the company's demand for clean and environment-friendly boiler equipment.

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