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0.5 ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used for Production of a Juice Company in Tanzania


In the food industry, the sterilization and disinfection process before juice concentration and canning cannot be separated from the high-quality steam provided by industrial boilers. A company in Tanzania is a large local juice production supplier. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of production scale, its original coal-fired boiler has been unable to meet the production needs of enterprises, and problems frequently occur in the use process. In order to solve this problem thoroughly, the enterprise decided to introduce a coal-fired boiler with excellent quality and stable operation. After a lot of investigation and research in the early stage, the company  learned that Sitong boiler is a professional boiler manufacturer from China through the Internet. The company finally chose to establish cooperation with Sitong boiler for the brand awareness, the feedback and high recognition of Sitong boiler products from various industries.
According to the actual steam demand of the company's juice production line, Sitong boiler customized a set of 0.5-ton DZH series coal fired steam boiler for the customer. The DZH series coal fired steam boiler under Sitong boiler is a single-drum horizontal water-fire tube shell-type boiler. The combustion is a movable grate and a horizontal three-return water-fire tube hybrid boiler. The boiler adopts light movable grate for manual coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and adopts new energy-saving technology furnace arch in front of and behind the furnace. The boiler adopts the latest scientific research achievements, such as header return water diversion, arched tube plate, threaded smoke tube, etc., to solve the problems of shell boiler tube plate crack, water wall tube explosion, low thermal efficiency, insufficient output, poor media adaptability, etc. The picture shows the delivery of the 0.5 ton DZH series coal fired steam boiler:
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