As a social service industry, laundry industry is closely related to people’s daily life. With the development of economy and improvement of living standard, laundry service has become more popular, and the gross yearly revenue increase year by year. Generally, laundry service is located in hotels, schools, communities, hospitals, mature business district, etc. Sitong Boiler pays attention to the high-tech boilers for laundry, to increase boiler efficiency, decrease fuel and electric power consumption, the thermal efficiency could arrive 98%, and the NOx emission could lower than 30mg/m3. Sitong Boiler has offered hundreds boilers to different laundry machines, we could design the boilers based on specific requirement.

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Boiler Used for Laundry Industry

Currently, except several tiny laundry room, about 90% laundries have equipped with boilers. Steam plays an significant role in laundry room, it is used for washing, ironing, and drying, etc. When buying steam boilers, we should configure according to existing laundry equipment, while the rated steam evaporation capacity should be a little larger than needed, in case there are more washing equipment increased later, except the rated steam evaporation capacity, there are requirement on steam pressure, generally, the pressure of laundry boiler is about 5~7 kg/m2.

Suitable Boiler Model for Laundry Industry

Boiler Projects for Laundry Industry

Boiler Model:WNS5-1.0-Y.Q., LSS0.5-1.0-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.0MPa

Fuel:Natural gas

Natural Gas Boiler for Maldives Hotel Laundry

5ton and 0.5ton natural gas fired steam boiler are shipped to Maldives, they are used in two different hotels. WNS series boiler is used for restaurant and laundry, the boiler is wet back structure, operate safely. LSS series boiler is used for laundry in another hotel, the boiler is vertical type, covers small area.

1ton and 1.5ton Diesel Oil Steam Boiler Used for Laundry in Saudi Arabia

1ton and 1.5ton capacity WNS series diesel oil fired boiler are shipping to Saudi Arabia, the working pressure is 1.25 MPa (12.5 bar). These two boilers are used for laundry and dry cleaning.

Boiler Model: WNS1-1.25-Y.Q., WNS1.5-1.25-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Diesel Oil


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