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Annual Sprint Launch Ceremony in the End of 2023 of Sitong Boiler Successffully Held


As 2023 approaches its end, we will welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year in just over a month. Sitong boiler held a year-end sprint conference on December 21 for mobilizing all employees to work hard for 45 days and laying a solid foundation for next year's development strategy to better achieve the annual goal for 2023. This conference was held in our Foreign Trade Department office in Zhengzhou. All workers in the factory and team members from other departments also provided strong support by videos. The launch ceremony of the sprint meeting was held by the head of the foreign trade team, who clarified the performance goals, team division, and incentives for the next sprint stage of the foreign trade department to all employees, to ensure the high-quality completion of this year's work goals.

We divided into two teams to complete this year-end sprint together. The two teams are ready demonstrated Sitong boiler's sprint spirit and the courage to fight hard with high morale and the most enthusiastic state. At the same time, our overall leader in this role also inspires everyone to work closely together, respond to the market changes flexibly and make better strategic arrangements in this era full of opportunities and challenges. He also stated that the key to winning is to maximize personal strength and teamwork spirit! With the help and support of leaders of our company, as well as the united efforts of colleagues, every one of us has confidence in achieving the goal of this year-end sprint!


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