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Sitong Boiler with Full Harvest at the 2023 Indonesia International Heating Technology Exhibition


The 2023  Indonesia International Heating Technology Exhibition began on October 5th. It is a boiler trade event in Southeast Asia and a professional large-scale trade exhibition that integrates industrial boilers, power generation, and heat exchange.This Indonesia International Heating Technology Exhibition will showcase products like automation control equipment, biomass boilers, biomass fuel, boiler parts, components and accessories, boiler water treatment equipment, cleaning equipment, supply and technology, drying equipment, heat exchange equipment, metalworking equipment, etc. It provides an excellent platform for companies from around the world to exchange experiences and expand their business networks, making it an excellent opportunity for companies to enter the Indonesian market. The exhibition provides component solutions, energy choices, boiler safety and maintenance solutions, and more. The local Minister of Industry in Indonesia also made a clear statement encouraging enterprises to shift towards the application of biomass fuels, vigorously promoting green energy boilers and power generation projects, and achieving the unity of green environmental protection and economic benefits.
Sitong boiler, as a company dedicated to the field of thermal energy, persistently develops efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving heating equipment, transforming rich experience and knowledge into design and development. With leading domestic heating technology, we provide customers with efficient and reliable boiler system solutions. The addition of Sitong boiler has added new highlights to the exhibition, injected new vitality into the heating technology field, and provided boiler system solutions for more customers in need. Today will be the last day of the exhibition. In addition to expressing gratitude to customers who have come to our booth for consultation and are interested in ordering our boilers, we also look forward to those who have not been able to attend the exhibition. If you have any boiler needs, you can leave us a message online or via email as soon as possible. We will reply to you as soon as possible!
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