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Waiting for you at Booth 316 of the WOFEX World Food EXPO 2023 in Manila, Philippines


WOFEX World Food EXPO organized by PEPTarsus is the largest and most influential food exhibition in the Philippines. It gathers the latest food, beverage products, and related production equipment from around the world. This exhibition is held once a year and has successfully held 23 sessions until now. Each session attracts food and beverage manufacturers and professional trade professionals from around the world. It is an ideal place and exchange event in the food industry to establish customer connections and order products. WOFEX World Food Expo 2023 is held in the World Trade Center in Manila, Philippines for 4 days (2nd 5th, Aug).

Due to the unique geographical location of the Philippines, its food products such as rice, wheat, and corn mainly rely on imports. At the same time, the Philippines is also an exporter of food, with processed, fresh, and organic foods playing an important role in exports. The United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea, and the Middle East are the main export regions of Philippine food. Due to the surge in exports, the demand for related food ingredients, packaging materials, and production equipment in the Philippine food industry is also increasing. Steam boilers as essential industrial equipment in the food industry play an important role in the food production process.

Steam boilers are mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, maturation and other processes in food processing. Food processing plants have strict requirements for constant steam temperature, pressure, and steam quality during the production process. A high-performance steam boiler can not only work efficiently and continuously provide high-temperature steam, but also output high-quality steam, providing safety assurance for food hygiene.Sitong boiler is invited to participate in this WOFEX World Food Expo not only hoping to provide more boiler choices for people engaged in the food industry, but also to learn more about customers' needs and ideas about boilers which can provides ideas for our future boiler innovation and improvemen so that we can serve our customers better!


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