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10 ton Biomass Fired Steam Boiler for Food and Beverage Factory in Indonesia


With the improvement of people's living standards, the food industry plays an important role in the development of various countries. In the process of food processing, steam is essential, so steam boiler is an important production equipment of food factory. For food factories, steam is one of the main energy sources of the factory. Distillation, sterilization, disinfection and other processes are inseparable from steam. With the global warming, all countries pay more attention to the atmospheric governance. Biomass boiler has become an important choice in the environmental protection production of food and beverage factories.


A food and beverage factory in Indonesia ordered 2 sets of 10 ton SZL series double drums biomass boiler from Sitong boiler for the production of food and beverage. The company complies with the requirements of national environmental protection and management, and has determined biomass fuel boilers at the place of boiler purchase. The biomass boiler of Sitong has a very wide range of applicable fuels, including coal fuels, and the internal design layout meets the requirements of high thermal efficiency. Even if the 10 ton biomass boiler is used to burn coal, its exhaust gas emission still meets the national environmental protection regulations. This also gives the Indonesian food and beverage company a variety of options. The 10 ton biomass boiler has been produced and is ready to be delivered to customers. We hope that customers can put it into use after receiving it and help customers realize economic and social benefits as soon as possible.


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