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Repeat Purchase of 8t Biomass Steam Boiler & 1200kw Thermal Oil Heater from Madagascar Refinery


This customer is an old friend of Sitong boiler, who is one of the largest refineries in Madagascar. They are mainly engaged in the production and processing of edible oil such as soybean oil and palm oil. In addition, the customer has previously purchased over 10 boilers from us for their refinery production line. And we also sent a WNS series oil gas fired steam boiler to the customer in early August this year to support their production line's steam demand. In order to expand the production capacity, the customer has requested new boiler requirements from Sitong boiler and hopes that we can provide the best boiler solution after only a few months. The technical team of Sitong boiler designed a combination of an 8-ton SZL series biomass steam boiler and a 1200kw YLW series biomass fired thermal oil heater to meet customer needs.
The SZL series biomass boiler from Sitong boiler is a double drum longitudinal chain grate boiler. It adopts a quick installation or assembly structure, which is easy to install. The boiler installation work is basically completed before leaving our factory. The on-site installation process is simple, the cycle is short, and the cost is low, which can save customers a lot of time and installation costs. The customer uses broken wood chips as boiler fuel this time compared to the WNS oil gas fired boiler. And the boiler combustion thermal efficiency can reach over 88%. The YLW series biomass fired thermal oil heater is a square coil tube horizontal chain grate assembled boiler. The boiler grate and main body are separated from the factory. After the boiler components arrive at the customer's construction site, they can be connected to pipelines, valves, smoke and air ducts, and control circuits for running. The installation is simple and it can save a lot of infrastructure investment for the customer. The two boilers adopt advanced fully automatic control systems for centralized control, and are equipped with various safety interlocking devices, so that it can provide guarantees for the enterprise to achieve efficient and safe production. The picture shows the delivery site of two boilers:
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