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12 ton Double Drums Biomass Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler for Rubber Industry in Sri Lanka


Considering the significant increase in global raw material prices, as well as in labor costs and environmental protection costs, the rubber industry's profits have significantly decreased. In response to this situation, enterprises engaged in the rubber industry not only need to predict and grasp the trend of the raw material market, enhance their own regulatory ability, but also gradually achieve low-cost. Among them, industrial boilers are essential thermal energy equipment in the rubber industry. Applied in rubber rolling, vulcanization, drying and other processes, it is a relatively controllable aspect of environmental protection costs. On the basis of meeting the high requirements of environmental protection, improving boiler thermal efficiency and reducing boiler operating costs is one of the main channels to improve economic efficiency. The rubber industry uses a large amount of steam for production, with unstable loads and strict requirements for steam pressure, which adds great difficulty to the economic operation of boilers.
A rubber company in Sri Lanka is one of several large state-owned rubber enterprises in the local rubber industry. It is mainly engaged in rubber pipes, seals, transportation belts, PVC pipes, etc. Last year, the company started replacing boiler equipment from an energy-saving perspective. Sitong boiler as a brand enterprise with decades of boiler production experience, has made great efforts to reduce boiler fuel consumption, improve its thermal energy and power consumption based on meeting local environmental standards of customers. Combined with the characteristics and needs of the rubber industry of customers, Sitong boiler has specially developed and customized a 12 ton SZL series biomass fired steam boiler. The boiler of this tonnage is composed of a front furnace, a rear furnace, a convection tube bundle, and a chain grate, which are assembled as a whole before leaving the factory, saving installation time for customers. The boiler has a compact design, short installation cycle, and convenient operation, making it an efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly boiler that saves enterprises time and effort. The picture shows the delivery of the boiler:
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