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10 ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Used for Potato Products Company in the Philippines


A potato products company in the Philippines was established in August 2005, mainly engaged in the processing and sales of potato products including starch, vermicelli, and other products. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the company has invested in the construction of a comprehensive utilization project for potato production and processing. After the project is completed, the annual processing of potato starch can reach 25000 tons. In the process of potato starch processing, the quality of steam used in the processes of juicing, dehydration, and drying directly affects the quality and yield of potato starch. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase a high-performance steam boiler. Combining advanced design concepts both domestically and internationally, Sitong boiler's SZL series coal fired steam boiler adopts a unique structural design, with different numbers of independent air silos arranged from front to back for the grate according to different tonnage. Users can allocate air reasonably based on different combustion conditions to ensure sufficient fuel combustion. At the same time, the steam output of the boiler is sufficient, and the thermal efficiency can reach over 82%, meeting the production needs of the enterprise.


In addition, Sitong boiler's SZL series coal fired steam boiler is a double drum vertical chain grate boiler, which adopts a quick installation or assembly structure for easy installation. The customer's 10 ton SZL series coal fired steam boiler is composed of two large parts, the upper part is the heating surface of the body, and the lower part is the combustion equipment. The graded air supply design of this SZL series coal-fired steam boiler, combined with a special furnace arch structure, effectively controls the generation of NOx and controls emissions below at 100mg/Nm ³ , to meet the increasingly stringent environmental needs. The boiler installation work has been basically completed before leaving the factory. The on-site installation process is simple, the cycle is short, and the cost is low, saving installation time and costs for enterprises.


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