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3 Sets of 0.7 ton Oil and Gas Fired Once Through Steam Boiler Used for a Winery in Australia


A winery in Australia is a large enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales. In the production processes of wine brewing, such as fermentation and distillation require the use of high-quality steam for heating to ensure the mellow aroma and delicate taste of the wine. Among them, fermentation involves fermenting a mixture of koji, grains, etc. to produce alcohol. Distillation requires the extraction of alcohol from grains. Therefore, steam boiler is a very important equipment in the brewing process. The winery currently has a 4-ton coal fired steam boiler, but the equipment is relatively outdated, resulting in low overall production efficiency, high energy consumption of grain raw materials, water and electricity, and serious pollutant emissions. With the increasing global environmental awareness and in order to further expand production, the winery plans to introduce an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel gas steam boiler. The temperature and purity of steam produced by different steam boilers are not the same, and the operating costs are also different. Based on the actual production needs of customers, Sitong boiler ultimately recommended 3 sets of LSS0.7-1.0-Y.Q series oil and gas fired steam boilers with high cost-effectiveness.


This LSS series steam boiler is different from a vertical water tube self ignition circulating boiler. The once through steam boiler does not have a drum, but is composed of the boiler body (consisting of upper and lower headers, columns, etc.) and external components such as a steam water separator, water pump, oil pump, burner, etc. Essentially, it is a vertical straight water pipe oil and gas fired steam boiler. Sitong boiler's LSS0.7-1.0-Y.Q series once through steam boiler has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, steel saving, high safety factor, high thermal efficiency, low air pollution, and compliant smoke and dust emissions. The boiler can achieve automatic operation in aspects such as fully automatic ignition, flameout protection, load regulation, high and low water level control, and overpressure protection. The boiler has a short start-up time and it can reach the required operating load in just a few minutes, with a beautiful and elegant appearance. Sitong boiler's once through steam boiler has a certain leading level among similar products both domestically and internationally, and it is a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly boiler product. The picture shows the delivery site of the boiler:


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