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8 ton Coal Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler Used for Dairy Production in the Philippines


A company whose head office is a dairy enterprise located in California, the United States, which is committed to producing organic, antibiotic free high-quality milk. The company invested in the construction of a large-scale dairy production base in the Philippines. Several months ago, it ordered a set of coal fired chain grate steam boiler from Sitong boiler for production steam and daily heating in the production base in the Philippines. The project uses an 8-ton SZL series coal fired chain grate steam boiler from Sitong boiler. The chain grate adopts the layer burning combustion method, and the scientific furnace arch design can be applied to a wide range of coals.
Considering the low volatile content of the coal used by the company's production base in the Philippines, which makes full combustion difficult, Sitong boiler designs and adjusts the chain grate structure, and reasonably configures the air supply to ensure full combustion of fuel and improve combustion conditions. In addition, the steam boiler adopts advanced control system so that the fuel supply, ash discharge and slag discharge operations are highly automated. Sitong boiler also has rich experience in international cooperation projects. It can not only provide customers with complete installation guidance, but also the project manager tracks projects remotely in real time, solve various problems encountered in project installation and use in a timely manner, and ensure that each project forms a closed service loop.


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