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4 ton Biomass Fired Moving Grate Boiler Used for a Plastic Products Factory in Nigeria


A plastic products factory in Nigeria is a manufacturer specializing in processing foam boxes, foam external wall insulation, pearl cotton, foam boxes and other plastic products. In the processing process of plastic products, plastic heating, shaping and other links need stable thermal energy support. In order to further expand the production and sales scale, the factory decided to purchase a steam boiler for the heat source supply on the plastic product production line, and required the boiler to have the performance characteristics of stable heat supply and sufficient steam output. After knowing the scale of the manufacturer and the actual steam demand, Sitong boiler recommended a 4-ton DZH series biomass fired moving grate steam boiler.


The steam boiler is a single drum biomass fired water and fire tube boiler. The fuel is biomass pellet shaped fuel. It has the advantages of compact structure, simple volume, energy saving and low emission so that It’s a popular heating equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises to produce steam. DZH series biomass fired moving grate stream boiler adopts the high-efficiency heat transfer element researched by Sitong boiler for many years -- threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat transfer. At the same time, through the scientific and reasonable arch structure and air distribution ratio, the boiler ensures the full combustion of fuel, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The unique three-way design of water fire tube also fundamentally solved the problem of tube plate cracking of pure fire tube boiler, providing guarantee for the production safety of the plant.



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