Taking a dip in a swimming pool is a luxurious way to relax in daily life. Swimming Pools are generally installed in domestic, gym, hotel, school, bath center, amusement park, etc., the pool could be indoor and out door. The use of swimming pool heating equipment could increase the daily service time, and offer a better swimming environment. Sitong Boiler offered many hot water boilers to heating commercial swimming pools,could customize the specific boilers based on customers’ requirement.

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Boiler Used for Swimming Pool Heating

Boilers are used for offering hot water to swimming pools, it is different from the bath water, the hot water could be recycled. Generally, the available fuel for swimming pool boiler could be electricity, oil, gas, coal, biomass. In consideration of cost, efficiency, safety level and environment issues, oil and gas fuel boilers are better for heating swimming pool.

Suitable Boiler Model for Swimming Pool Heating

Sitong Boiler Projects for Swimming Pool

Boiler Model: CWNS 1.05-85/65-Y.Q.

Working Pressure: 1.0MPa

Fuel: LPG

Hot water boiler used for Gym Heating and Swimming Pool

1.05MW (1.5t/h) gas fired hot water boiler is used for gym in Indonesia, the boiler will offer hot water for gym heating, swimming pool, and bathing. As there is no pressure when operate the boiler, it is very safe.


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