Food is the foundation of the survival and development of human, In German, the gross annual value of food industry is higher than auto industry, the largest segment of food industry might be milk products in global market. During the last 10 years, food industry proportion increase constantly, until 2018, the gross annual value food industry ranks the first place among the global whole industries. Sitong Boiler pays attention to the high-tech boilers for food & beverage industries, has offered hundreds boilers to different type factory, we could design the boilers based on specific requirement.

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Boiler Used in Food & Beverage Industry

Food & beverage boiler could not work without industrial steam boilers, which will used for various industrial productions, such as distillation, drying, disinfect, etc. The boiler should be clean and environmental protection, so, it is better to use the clean energy as the fuel, such as natural gas, biomass fuel, and electricity. Compare with other fuels, gas fuel boiler has the advantages of low pollution, it use fuel channel, storage room is unnecessary, save land usage and low infrastructure cost. Biomass fuel is a new type clean energy with low cost. The source of solid biomass fired boiler fuel is widespread, it could be wood chips, bamboo chips, straw, rice hull, peanut shell, bagasse, mustard stalk, cotton stalk, cotton seeds, coconut shell, corncob, waste cloth, etc.

Suitable Boiler Model for Food & Beverage Industry

Sitong Boiler Projects in Food & Beverage Industry

Boiler Model: WNS3-1.25-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Oil Gas

6 Sets Oil Gas Boilers Used for Saudi Arab Food Factory

6 sets oil/gas fired steam boiler are shipped to Saudi Arab, and used in food processing industry. Sitong WNS series oil gas fired boiler has the advantages of high quality, safe operation, high efficiency (reach to 96%), and convenient maintenance.

15t WNS Series Natural Gas Fired Condensing Steam Boiler For Mongolia

The Sitong industrial WNS series natural gas fired steam boiler is used for milk processing plant, steam capacity is 15 tons, pressure is 1.6MPa, the operate failure rate is lower than 0.1.

Boiler Model: WNS15-1.6-Y.Q.

Rated Pressure: 1.6Mpa

Fuel:Natural gas

Boiler Model: DZL4-1.25-AII

Design Pressure: 1.25Mpa

Fuel: Coal

4ton Coal Fired Chain Grate Boiler for Philippines Palm Oil Mill

Characteristics of Sitong DZL Series Coal Fired Chain Grate Steam Boiler: Thermal efficiency (83%) Convenient for installation and maintain Membrane water wall structure and spark holding wall The grate can be designed as chain grate, moving grate, reciprocal grate


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